Thursday, 22 November 2012


after i finish a year in matriculation, i was offered to further my study to Universiti Utara Malaysia.
first time when i was offered, i feel a bit dissapointed because this is not my first choise.
i tell my friend that i was offered here and their respons was like what i guess..
their laugh on me..know why they are laughing at me????

they laughing at me because of this shirt

but now i dont care what they want to say
i feel comfortable dressing like this
now i already in semester three and will get my degree in 2years from now.
when im here, i realize that the most important thing is 213686, and not ZULKARNAIN NASUTION
you know what i mean right??
lastly,i hope that my life in here will make me a better person in future..aminn!!

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