Tuesday, 20 November 2012

And Europe's finest passing nation is... England! (Sort of)

You can't argue with statistics, and the passing stats for the most recent Europa League matchday show that England's representatives outpassed all their national rivals, with an average of 51.2 passes per player: 

Among those individual players, Alexsandar Dragovic shone brightest:
Considering two of those players play for FC Basel, you don't get any points for guessing that the Swiss side were the top-passing team…:
And here's the full breakdown of all the Matchday 4 games:
…but let's just have a look at those national passing stats again, in the pleasing infographical representation of a stadium. Well done Ingerland!
The passing's not only good on the eye: it broadens the mind. For each completed pass in this season's Europa League, Western Union's PASS schemewill fund a day's education for young people around the world. So let's look again at those passing statistics, in pleasing video format, remembering that it will make a brighter future. Well done everybody!

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